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Ostendis Presentation "E-Recruiting - Successful, efficient, digital recruitment"
Take the chance now and digitize one of the most important HR processes! In this Webinar we will show you how to do this easily and what relief you can expect in the Recruitment process!

These organizations are already successfully using the Ostendis e-recruiting solution:

What is Ostendis?

Ostendis is the E-Recruiting solution with HR specialists processing all applications (Multiposting) from anywhere. All you need is a computer with internet access.

Simply increase the efficiency of your application process and save time and money. Unclear Excel lists are a thing of the past.

What is Ostendis?

Application channels


No Application form!

Ostendis is the only cloud-based E-Recruiting solution that works without a terrible application form! So you do not need to make any changes to your corporate website to use Ostendis.

You will receive application documents via your usual application channels, e.g. via E-Mail or the new Ostendis CVdropper™.

More time for the people.

Have you ever recieved applications 50, 100 or even 200 for a job advertisment? The time required for the recruiting process can be enormously high in this case.

Through Ostendis you reduce the administrative processing effort according to a study with our customers by up to 64%. Gain more time for the heart of the matter - the people!

Increase the reputation

When looking for employees, the reputation of a company plays a major role. The better this one is, the easier it will be to find the necessary specialists, because jobseekers are now intensively exchanging their application experiences online.

The Ostendis E-Recruiting solution supports you in the professional communication with jobseekers. They feel taken seriously, resulting in positive reviews of your business on review platforms e.g. Kununu.

Ostendis is worthwhile for every company!

Benefit from our unique pricing model: You only pay when you have a job vacancy.

A professional E-Recruiting solution (ATS) is finally affordable for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have permanent vacancies. Benefit from cost savings of up to 58% when using Ostendis as an E-Recruiting solution.

Small company (up to 50 employees)
Mittleres Unternehmen (ab ca. 50 bis ca. 500 Mitarbeiter)
Larger company (from approx. 500 employees)

We protect your data as if it were ours!

Your data is stored on our own servers, which we operate in a monitored data center. This is located in Switzerland (Cham ZG) and is also used by banks with the highest security standards.

Of course, all data is encrypted and transported over the Internet. In addition, we guarantee the data processing according to the current data protection laws of Switzerland and the EU (CH-DSG, EU-DSGVO).

That speaks for Ostendis

  •  Great time savings in the recruitment process
  •  Personal, free support (phone, mail, chat)
  •  Protection of your company data against hacker attacks
  •  No installation required - get started today!
  •  EU-GDPR compliant / Swiss Privacy and Hosting
  •  100 days no contract testing with full function
  •  Intuitive and easy operation
  •  No investment costs
  •  You pay Ostendis only when needed
  •  Software "Made in Switzerland"

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